Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair Help

As fixing my hair this morning I was thinking of all the useless information we learned in school....I've said it before and I'll say it again when in life are we EVER going to use proofs? Why is there no class in teaching young girls (or boys) how to apply makeup or fix hair? Cosmetology is a huge growing career, why is there no prep for that? If you know any of my getting ready routine it takes about thirty min to get ready...most of that being drying my hair (when I bother) and I don't apply anything on my hair....I have make up down to about five minutes, if that. Well I decided to tackle something to get this "bump" look without the bump it. While browsing the shelves at WalMart I felt so lost I ended up going home watching multiple youtube hair videos and making a list of products needed.....heat protect spray, root booster, flex hairspray, straighten gel, and last (but def not least) a tease brush. Now I had to run back home and watch the videos one more time for good measure and BAM! Same amount of time but man my hair looked AMAZING! Why are all these products kept a secret from people like myself? My next tackle, those beautiful curls and I am armed with the little metal clips for when my curls need "some cool down time."
 This was suppose to be a great picture of my hair but with two kids, when the camera comes out they come a running :)

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