Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Awful, awful, awful, and then something magical ....

Today I found The Backup Plan on Starz and decided to watch it. I have been attempting to watch it now for almost four hours, turn it on watch fifteen minutes and then turn it off, but there is a line in the movie talking about how being a parent is. Anthony Anderson plays the playground dad, kinda of a mentor and he says parenting is awful, awful, awful, followed by more, and the something magical happens and then more awful, awful, and something magical happens. Then he goes on to explain how most of the time he feels like he's drowning and then the kids do something that clicks and it's the best thing you could ever do. I know this feeling in everyway. You go through life feeling like if you mess one thing up how it's going to make your kids feel. My kids are a lot more magical, but still a lot of awful times too. Today Jamey is having one of those days where you just want to stick him in time out but by the time they're three they know all the loopholes, go to timeout but mom I gotta go potty....time for bed but I want juice. Then he comes up and tells me I'm his best friend and that he loves me more than the whole world and that is the best thing in the whole world to hear. I can already tell Baby Jack is going to be more of a handful when he gets older but I know it'll bring a tear to my eye the first time he actually tells me he loves me. :)

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