Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too much pressure

As cleaning I listen to talk shows that are randomly on, today's topic "Are kids growing up too fast?" It was a show based on beauty pageants and other things making our kids grow up just a little too fast. I personally believe that kids are forced to grow up too soon anyway, much less teach them to wear short dresses and makeup at 3. I was in pageants when I was little, but nothing to the scale they were showing....fake tans and teeth? Are you kidding me? I was lucky to get to put on lipstick! To push it a little further one of the moms had her three year old dress up as Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman.
 I understand some pageants help kids with confidence and also making friends, but really directors of THESE pageants lets change the rules so parents are allowed to make their kids get waxed (yet another topic covered...I've never had a wax much less at three!) What happened to natural beauty being on there? Photogenic doesn't mean photoshop! If I ever have a girl (fingers crossed) I would love for her to be a part of a pageant or two but not if it's going to ever be like this. Kids need a great role model that tells them they are beautiful everyday and it doesn't need to be a panel of judges...please make sure they know how precious they are EVERYDAY!

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