Thursday, July 26, 2012

Never bring a baby or toys...:(

Trying to make our day go by a little faster until my wonderful husband gets home, I decided to take the kids to the fountain downtown.

We have always loved this fountain, but the past few times there are so many people that it's not fun. Today might have been the deciding factor that we NEVER go back. We were minding our own business in one of the smaller fixtures and a little girl comes over and takes one of Jamey's guns....he did have two but we have lost so many toys at the fountain, it was not going to happen again. I get it back and she sits beside me staring, "can I have that gun, he's not playing with it." it was in his hands, he was shooting it...."no hun that's his." We went through this for another fifteen minutes. "Can I have one he has two, can I have it now, It's my turn." Finally I pulled my parent voice out from the very corner when she yanked it out of his hand for at least the third time and said, "NO it's his maybe you should bring your own next time." She runs off. Now I have two little girls trying to pick up Baby Jack...him not having it. Them taking him into the big fountain or attempting it. I went over picked him up and had to remind them a real baby is not to leave his mommy's sight and not to be played with like a doll....five minutes later the first little girl comes back with I'm guessing her dad, he went on to tell me Jamey hit her and that is NOT to happen again. I corrected him and told him she had been harassing me over these guns since we got here and there was no hitting that had taken place. Well he believed me ( I was about to get my parent voice back out) turned and left....his daughter with me asking if she could have the gun NOW. Finally we left....NEVER to return.


  1. Have me go with you next time
    ....I can be evil to people messing with my family.

  2. Wow, where were the parents the whole time the girl was harassing you? I mean I had an issue with Kaden trying to take toys around the pool when we were in Daytona this past weekend and I would immediately take it back to the owners and explain to Kaden that those were not his and he had his own toys at our chair. I guess common courtesy is becoming rare nowadays. I also had a problem with the girls wanting to pick up Ashlyn and play with her as if she was a doll. I had to remind them that she was still a very young toddler and had to be with her mommy at all times in the pool area.

  3. They were talking to their friends....while their other four kids were annoying everyone else :(

  4. I don't want to limit my kids from enjoying things kids should be able to enjoy, but I have yet to take them to the fountain because there are always too many people there...and I know if we go I'll attract the kids belonging to ignorant parents and,with asking for this task, be forced to ma'am...I like my kids and my friends' kids...not random kids lol