Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last night we took the boys to a Rome Braves game....the local baseball team I think it's a AA but I don't really know what that means. Don't get me wrong I know baseball, I know baseball like southern women know football. I grew up on it through my dad and brother and I love it! Last night while watching or rather chasing kids around I got a little sad thinking about yesteryear. Back when Luke played I used to keep the little pad and keep score (my dad was the coach) and even though they didn't win every game or were the best...or they may have been I can't remember...Luke playing with all his buddies is the team I would want to watch, that I would pay all the money to go see not some celebrities. So in a few years when Jamey or Jack play ball, fingers crossed! I know to never spend the whole game at the concession stand and treasure every missed ball and out, because let's face it there will be a lot of both. :) 
This is a picture of my brother on the left, Uncle Dick in the middle, and coach dad, Louie on these men!

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