Friday, July 13, 2012

Always remember my babies...

There are many things that randomly come in to my head...just this morning at 4:30 I woke up (mainly because Baby Jack made a slight explosion in his diaper) but also because I suddenly remembered the exact way my pop used to say "Hey YOU!" If you knew him you could probably hear this in your head and it would make a giant smile appear on even the most miserable days, he was a great man...but I'll save that for another day, and with that memory I knew I didn't want to forget anything. My children, I never ever want to let go of the little things that make me smile so I wanted to add random memories and if you have some you would like to share...please do!

Jamey :) My wild child...I remember the trouble we had with you walking....almost had to take you to a neurologist, but we bought you a train table instead and had you walking around that thing pushing trains almost instantly. There is nothing in this whole world you love more than a car..little matchbox car and a train.
 My most terrifying moment is the day that you fell into the car down and have to have seven stitches right above your left eye...that handsome war wound is still there today and some days you don't notice it at all, but others I see it and I get an ache in the pit of my stomach feeling like it was partially my fault....I'm sorry :(
 You have always loved the water...just recently you started taking your swim lessons and on your very first day you got so brave you decided to take off away from the ladder while the teacher was with your buddy Aidan and sank straight to the bottom...of coarse mommy had to jump in fully clothed. You got right back in after telling me you didn't want to go under the water anymore. You are my most brave and caring little fireball and I love you Henry James Green! chunky, unexpected angel. I probably have more little memories of you because the are more recent, like the fact for the longest time you called me Nay nay instead of mommy.
You have the most giant dimply bottom I've ever seen...just the sight of it makes me smile because it's so beautiful!
You were a quick walker, but not as early with your words as Jamey, you love to yell ahh at everyone and far at 13 months you know mama, dada, bubba, ball, cup, granddaddy, and swear you say thank you although I doubt anyone but me can hear it.
 You have the biggest brown eyes and look exactly like your Uncle Luke!
You have a passion for strawberries and attempting to act and do everything Jamey does. I love you little tugawug!

I love the fact that we get to make new memories everyday and that you both are so full of life. You are everything that is me, but so much better! I want to leave you with hopes from the bottom of my heart....I hope that you become so much smarter than I am...I pray you put you trust in God, I hope you laugh at everything and look at the good and not the bad, I want you to make people smile like your daddy, that's why I feel in love with him. I pray you find the kind of love most only dream about and always do what you want to do...not what others want you to. I hope that me and your daddy set a good example and always know that we love you more everyday and that will never EVER stop.

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  1. Jess, that was lovely. Sometimes I forget how intelligent you are behind all that brunette.
    Love you all,
    Uncle Luke.