Monday, December 16, 2013

A Little 5k and a Whole Lotta Fun

Have you ever come across the ads for the runs where you can play in the mud or throw chalk/paint at one another? I've seen them pop up everywhere in the past year and I have been "dying" to try them! For my husband's birthday we decided to give it a shot, he really didn't want to but it made me excited about running so he went with it! (He is a runner and I am not unless forced)

After running I decided that maybe people are underestimating how awesome these are!

At the beginning they give you a packet of chalk to throw while you run, I got a blue one and pouted so my husband snagged me a pink one! We started off with throwing the whole pink and half his blue just at each other.
The very first shot....the camera missed my super fancy jump.
Post Zach hitting me, please notice the innocent bystanders.

 So after our mini war, we finally got to start the race. Most people walk, but I'm very competitive and had to sprint. About five minutes in we both got a little bored and decided we were going to start tagging people. We would run and chalk our hands and then pat people on the back telling what a good job they were doing leaving behind blue handprints. :) It's the little things in life. 

They also had large checkpoints where  people would throw chalk at you...
Post first pink checkpoint.

Blue Checkpoint people were very friendly

Green checkpoint people....

they were very violent with the green chalk. Yuck!

We finished!

After the race they had a stage where they were giving away tons of goodies and then...
They had a chalk party! I'm somewhere in this, Zach decided to try and capture the moment but lost me in it for a split second.

Highly recommended to take part in such an event!

You might have to bleach your shoes and clothes afterwards.


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