Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Craft Projects!

 I love the fall! Something in the cooler air that makes me want to craft. Here are some items I've been working on. :)
Minion Pumpkins!

 I read all sorts of pinterest blogs on how to do twine letters...they are making them so much harder than they should be. You don't need to twist and turn your letter to wrap around....cut and glue no one has to see the back of it! Wrap what you can and make pretty but fill in with bits and pieces!
Gotta pass down the important long and prosper!
 Top Anthropologie Loulou Top/ Jeans AE/ Boots Gap (old)
 This was also my first attempt at a bun...I really liked it! So easy and does look a lot better than just an old ponytail, I might try it a little lower for more of a casual look. Thanks for stopping by!

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