Monday, September 16, 2013

Falling into Fall

 If you follow me on instagram you know that on Thursday I'm about 4-5 inches of hair lighter and a couple shades redder! Normally I wouldn't go so drastic but, I was offered to be in an ad for a salon in Marietta! So I said go for it, whatever you need to do! So here is my new fall hairstyle...the color red is suppose to be extremely hot and I really don't mind it. However, when I get anything done to my hair it takes some time for me to get use to it...normally those few days I dress to compliment my hair, red hair and green go together hand in hand!
 Now you know what the rush was to do my "how I curl my hair blog" and didn't care the picture quality wasn't great.

 Here is a shot of my makeup after the shoot. The talented and very gorgeous Michelle Sacco really knows her stuff. If you don't recognize the name she was on the reality show "Love in the Wild." Happy to say her and her partner from the show Ben are getting married next month so they did indeed find love in the wild, doesn't hinder the fact they are both very beautiful people and he has an accent! SWOON!
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1 comment:

  1. Umm, look stunning. Seriously. You're husband was probably having a hard time looking away from you! I LOVE you with this hair color. I have honestly been thinking about mixing my color up somewhat drastically (I always stay somewhat boring brown) and my mom was a red head so I've always considered trying maybe have convinced me to give it a shot!
    xo - Marion
    ps - I laughed so hard at your comment on my post today! The thought never occurred to me that the guy was thinking anything other than "What a weird chick." lol!