Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tee and Baggy Jeans

 The colder weather brings colds, coughs, and overall yuck! This week every member of The Green family has had a little bug and yesterday was my turn. :( When mommy gets sick then she has to keep on trucking, so we went for cookies and cakes before supper (breaking all the rules while I'm not thinking right).
 Shorts Jcrew Factory/ Shirt Mindy Mae's/ Sweater Bought at Jcrew but Factory Version here/ Shoes AE
 Story behind my very oversized shorts, my honey went on a business trip and wanted to bring me something back but didn't know my size. He came close but they are still too big, but I LOVE them that way! I would never buy shorts a size too big but since we don't have a place to return them near us I went with it and they are my favorite running around shorts! 

 Thanks for stopping by and I'm also linking up with Bri Marie today with dressing up your tees, stop by and check out some more amazing bloggers! Don't forget to cast your vote for my giveaway!


  1. This look is so cute! I love wearing cardis and shorts with ballet flats. It dresses the shorts and T up perfectly!

  2. I need that t-shirt as I am not the most punctual person. ;) and the shorts don't look too big at all - they look perfect!

  3. This is so, so cute! I love how much better the tee/ shorts combo looks by simply adding a cardigan and cute flats. And your boys are adorable, too!

  4. I feel like I need this shirt, but I'd probably have to wear it every day. Found your blog through Bri's link up!

  5. I love love love the shorts that are larger!!! They look adorable on you! And i NEED that shirt :)