Friday, May 3, 2013

Super Windy New Hair!

 I have never been one of those people that run to the salon every 6 fact I like to push a lot of things until much later. Lets just say I might not of been for MYSELF in about six months...I hear everyone cringing from my chair. I hardly ever get it colored because that growing out you can't hide, so I will go more often this year I am making it my cinco de mayo resolution.
 Blouse Loft ( updated short sleeve here)/ Flats Jcrew (old, if anyone knows the name I would love to find out!)/ Jeans AE ( bought not long ago just not online right now)/ Necklace The Limited
 Getting ready for Cinco de Mayo when you have kids means teaching your kids about the meaning behind why we celebrate and then eating mexican! Yum! You always learn new things, some you might not ever want to be reminded of, but kids always keep it interesting!

 We are also redoing our bathroom and really wanted some opinions:
 My husband and I decided to redo our bathroom since we both have never really LOVED the stuff that is in there now, we found this at a local antique store and fell in love. Our dilemma is that we had every intention on painting what we bought some great COLORS...but this is so pretty as is. Should we just go for the color or leave? What we had in mind was gray, teal, and mustard...and the sink would be the vessel, or bowl sitting on top if you will. Here is the faucet we decided on:

I even kinda set my mind to a really funky design on the doors like the wall paper here and making sure to get a mirror like this one, it's SO BEAUTIFUL! (ps that's a vessel sink)
I am open to any ideas and if you would please remember to vote here on facebook for me to win weekly Max find!


  1. Your hair looks great! I hate having to run to the salon every 6 weeks too so thats why I'm loving this ombre trend. It's easy on the wallet too;) That wooden vanity is BEAUTIFUL! I love that look. I'm searing for a cabinet like that for our foyer, actually.

  2. Oh leave that vanity the way it is; it has great vintage flair!

  3. Love your hair! Cute pictures too :)

  4. your so cute! loving your hair!

  5. I've gone six months without getting my hair cut too. Now that I think about it, it's already been three months since I last went. You hair looks great and your outfit is fab!