Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Money Saving Mommy Tips

As summer approaches so do lots of fun outdoor activities.  If you know how to budget it helps with kids. Over the past four years we have learned a few tips that I would love to share!

Summer Reading Programs
Summer reading programs can be a HUGE money saver if only you remember to sign up! Here is a copy of two years ago reading chart:
Every 30 minutes your child reads or is read to they cross off a bubble and after 2 hours they start getting prizes! Some of the prizes that Jamey got this year were...a ticket to our minor league baseball team's game, free movie ticket and discovery museum ticket, free kids meals to 19 restaurants (just think about $5 a meal, almost $100 right there!) pays to read! We got so close to the 20 hours just from going to the weekly puppet show and reading maybe ten minutes every other night.

Another great reason for the reading program is that they have weekly prizes....both of my boys won the weekly prize and received a free tshirt and little odds and ends. I'm one proud mama to say they both also placed in the coloring contest! Here were their drawings

Kids Eat Free
Every restaurant has a kids eat free with an adult purchase and they even have specials allowing the adult to eat for a reduced rate.  One of our favorite places to eat on Thursdays now is 333 on Broad, a local joint that serves burgers for $6 and kids eat free. That would keep our total under $15!

Local Veggie Stands or Strawberry Patches
My family loves going to farmers' markets if not to just walk around and see what everyone has, and last year we stumbled across a strawberry patch. We went earlier this week to get our first round of fresh strawberries and they always are cheaper picking ourselves and the kids love it! Here's a few shots.
Jack would pick about four and then sit down and eat them...and then start all over again

Our almost 6 pounds of strawberries and two fresh strawberry ice creams came to just under $15.

Do You Need TV?
During the summer months when it's so pretty out, we the Green family have lowered our tv package to extended basic. We would go straight to basic except Disney Jr is the only thing that keeps me sane at 7am...along with coffee. Summer months are when people go on vacation and is there really anything important that comes on anyway? If there's nothing on you might be more inclined to take a snack and "read to your kids outside"or go pick some fruit ;)

Get Familiar 
Do you know what all your town has to offer? In our small town we have a handy website venuedog   that tells what is going on what day, everyday! Now that it's almost summer, our 1st Friday night concerts start back...local bands playing in a large grassy area and it's free! I've also heard of movies being played on buildings (maybe for a small price, not sure on that one) and art festivals like the art walk on Broad Street. Most towns have tons of events, you just have to look...if you need help there's this little thing called google I heard could be helpful or even your local chamber website.

I know these are just a few, but I hope I might have helped a few mommies out there save a little chee$e

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