Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birchbox vs Ipsy March and April 2013

I forgot to post last month what came in my Ipsy/ Birchbox....partially because I was not thrilled with them both. I'll start with March's Birchbox:
 I have to admit I've tried all but the Incoco nail polish partially because nail strips scare me....but I will get around to it, the nail strips retail for $10 and they are full size! Madewell Emery board is beautiful...full size and retails for $5. Twistband Headband I love but doesn't hold in my hair very well retails for $3.17 for one. Whish Shave Crave Shave Cream in blueberry smells amazing, but doesn't work as well as drugstore brands however this is eco friendly brand, that I can't say about my drugstore retails for $2.93. Lastly the Serge Normant Dry Shampoo, it suppose to be a drying shampoo that offers volume as's not my favorite infact it left my hair feeling greasy...retails for $11.11. This brought my entire birchbox value to....$32.21!
 Ipsy/ Glambag March 2013 bag was filled with on the go items...LaFresh Makeup Removers Travel Size $1.49, Glam Rx Freestyle Palette..which is pretty neat however it looks like it was specially made for Ipsy so I can only guess on retail on it to be around $10....the two eyeshadows inside are Yaby eyeshadows retailing for $3.29 each..beautiful colors! Finally the Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, retails for $3.26 but smells terrible! Really cute bag though! Whole things retails for $21.33

 April's bags were really great! My Birchbox had a new item for my Glam palette! Youngblood Anti-shine Mattifier worth $7.20, haven't had a chance to try but really excited to! 3 Weleda Lotions worth about $1 for all three ( Sea Buckthorne, Pomegranate, and Wild Rose scents) Two hair items Nexxus Youth Renewal Elixir and Caudalie Huile Divine Hair Oil...$3.00 and $1.47, this didn't even bother me because the last two items are so great! Strivectin Eye Concentrate retails for $16.25 and I have tried and can already see results! Finally I bet most people overlooked this item, but a one year subscription to Women's Health magazine! AND if you weren't interested in this item they are willing to send you a check for $9.99!!! What you can get all your money back! I will be taking part in the magazine since this is a magazine I buy in stores a lot and would love to get it. The whole box worth $38.91!

Lastly Ipsy April 2013, my hand is falling asleep at this point so I'm going to be quick! Mica Beauty eye shadow in Earth not quite a full size but retails for $11.96, Sexy Hair Soy Renewal retailing for $4.39, Sation Nail Polish in Love at First Byte retails for $5, and Be A Bombshell in Beach Please retails for $16...FULL SIZE! Retailing the whole bag for $37.35!!!

I am pleased with all of the above and in case you missed it Birchbox and Ipsy Bag are monthly subscription bags both are $10 a month and come in around the 15th...if you would like to sign up for Birchbox please use my link here so I get extra points and let me know what you got in yours if anything different and how you are liking it!


  1. I actually cancelled my BB subscription because I felt like I was getting a way better deal with Ipsy. Loved the April Ipsy bag... the blush is a gorgeous color and a tiny bit goes a long way for a pretty summer pink!

  2. Ooo this Ispy bag looks great! Love the anchor print on it. :)

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