Friday, April 12, 2013

A Little Tour

My husband has his grand opening of his job this week and the kids I got to come and take tour. Most people have been in a home improvement store and the pure size of it is HUGE, but did you ever stop to think how big the warehouse is that stocks those stores? Pure madness! My husband told a few people every team in the NFL could play under the roof at the same idea what that means. I do however know that it takes 7 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Here's some pictures!
 Top Ann Taylor Loft/ Jeans AE/ Shoes Rocketdogs/ Bag Fossil (love this one...but in COLOR) Jewelry Ann Taylor necklace...F21 pearl earrings....wristology watch (gifted by Lilli) Renegade S&D bracelet
 Now I have been thinking about what to wear to this event all week, it had to be casual. Lace is a great way to dress up something and jeans with flats I felt made it very casual. I came out wearing heels and Zach gave me a look so I quickly ran and changed, that would of been a lot of walking.

This is one of the areas my hubby designed for toilet and paint storage.
A little irony....this is the safety "stone" to remind employees to be safe is the warehouse and then after they leave,  your eyes do not deceive it is a tomb stone.


  1. Cute photos girlie! Hope you have a lovely weekend!