Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stay At Home Mommy

I receive emails and facebook messages from friends and family about being a stay at home mommy about once a week....no joke. I get lots of concerns about multiple things, so I've decided to share some tips I've learned over the past four years.

Money Issues...this is the number one concern for everyone when deciding to stay at home. Will we have the money to do things? Here's a little math for you....hopefully you would make more than minimum wage but if you didn't you would bring home about $1200, daycare around my area is about $125 a week per kid....yep that's $1000 a month. That's $200 profit and that might even get eaten my taxes.
Compromise...my husband and I have come to the agreement that I found a part-time job (actually the job I've had since high school) that allows me to work 2-3 times a week and at those times he is home to take care of the kids. Having a small job allows for extra money and helps with your social skills, let's face it after spending all day with little ones you lose that skill from time to time.

Second question I almost always get is, " Don't you get tired of being around them all the time?" Don't feel ashamed if you've thought about it. Yes! I get very stressed and normal Zach gets the short end of that stick, but when they ask "Mommy, will you be my valentines?" it makes all the bad melt away. If you have ever seen the movie The Back-up Plan...Anthony Anderson says it perfect..."It's awful, awful, awful. Then a small moment happens, that's so magical. that makes it all worthwhile"

Solution...find things around your area that allow your kids to not be holding your ankles all day. If you think you have nothing I'm sure you have parks. In almost any town there is something. We have a gymnastic center that has tot time for the kids to run wild in a very huge, padded room with foam pits and trampolines. Libraries almost always have story time and all these activities help you connect with other moms to set up play dates. If nothing else....and here's a biggie join a gym. I pay $19 a month and go twice a week and the kids love playing in their room while I burn extra calories from all the yummy snacks that get shoved in my mouth by my one year old.

Here's a real quick note for the spouse of that certain mommy or daddy that keeps kids all day....their priority is the kids, not housekeeper. Memories are being made so if you come home to a giant fort in the living room just grin because you are the one allowing those kids to be there. Laundry might not be done, but you might have two hand print trees waiting on the fridge!

It's a tough decision to stay at home and some aren't in the position to make it happen, I'm lucky enough that Zach and I both want me home. If you ever need another moms advise or support I'm here!

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  1. My husband and I don't have kids yet but these are questions I've wondered about. Thanks for sharing!