Friday, January 18, 2013

Perfect Shopping Outfit

While carefully packing my bags with as little as possible. :) I really need to plan out the space in my bags to account for what I would be bringing back and what would be easiest shopping with three kids vs two adults! I did a little research on what exactly would be a good shopping outfit. I found out a few things...
1. don't wear heels...duh!
2. Wearing a skirt of leggings would be best....umm I don't think so I wear jeans a lot so I need to know what would look good with my jeans.
3. Always wear a undergarment...I'm guessing that they are talking about tanks for these flouncy shirts and I never thought about that.
4.Wear as little jewelry as possible so it doesn't take as long in the dressing room and so you don't snag clothes. So smart! I will be wearing my watch because I have finally turned into that person who constantly needs to know what time it is.
5. Wear pieces that are a constant in your wardrobe so it's easier to match.
I would also like to add a #6 Always fix you hair and makeup nice because you will be staring into mirrors all day.

Taking all this into account I planned this outfit to be my shopping day outfit!
Plain and Comfy!
Do you have a go to shopping outfit or any shopping rules?
Shirt The Limited/ Pants American Eagle/ Cardigan Jcrew/ Necklace Target (instore)/ Shoes American Eagle (old)

Today for work I really didn't want to change shirts so I tried new color combos...I don't know it kinda worked for me!


  1. I always ignore #4 and then regret it. #6 is a great addition and my #7 would be to try to wear socks whenever possible. Some of those fitting room floors are not the cleanest and stepping barefoot on them grosses me out sometimes - ha!


  2. i love this post!!! i always go shopping and wish i had worn something else!! thanks for the tips

    new follower :)