Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He might be fired...

Yesterday was my Tuesday two-fer...hmm...maybe the name needs a little work, but it's the day when I play hard with the boys and then go to work. That means two outfits!

 Sweater and necklace on sale clearance right now at Target/ Shirt Jcrew Factory/ Pants Old Navy

I kinda felt like a Ninja Turtle with leopard yesterday, which could be a good or a bad thing...I liked it! Then my work look was fantastic except for the fact that my husband doesn't like taking pictures and honestly he's not that great. He took all the pictures while laying in the floor :( I hope the whole look comes across...especially the gold polka dot tights.

 Skirt jcrew / Sweater Gap Outlet/ Black shirt I'm thinking Target/ Tights American Eagle (just bought but on clearance) / Shoes Zara
I also wanted to share a little conversation that took place while shopping with my best friend. I was trying to talk her into buying her daughter the most precious pink cords with sparkly buttons, now keep in mind we were pretty much on opposite sides of the store. 

Me: Keasha you HAVE to they are so cute and I wear cords all the time.
Keasha: I know and I judge you every time I see you wearing them.
Me: Keasha, I'm a style expert! (At this point all the other ladies around look up and stare at me)
Keasha: What because you have a blog?!? insert uncontrollable laughing

About a half a minute later a lady came up and asked if something went together in my opinion...I had to get Keasha into it to rub it in. :) Oh BURN!