Friday, December 28, 2012

Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Afro, Circus

Holiday season is not the time to wash your new iphone and not have insurance :( I've been missing mine but luckily my hubby is pretty understanding and working on getting me another one. In the mean time sorry for the not so great picture quality. Waking up super early two days before Christmas got the best of me in that I didn't want to do anything to my I didn't. Luckily jeans were okay to wear since I had no energy to figure out what I wanted to wear and grabbed what was clean on the dryer. Ever have those days? I do all the time, I'm not a morning person.

There aren't going to be any links for the shirts but Sweater is from Old Navy and Button up is Jcrew Factory/ Jeans AE Skinny Kicks/ Shoes Rocket Dogs Memories


  1. Love the polka dots of polka dots! I really love the green ON sweater!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  2. Love this polka dot look! So cute (and I imagine comfy :) )
    And I'm not a morning person either so I definitely empathize with just grabbing stuff and throwing it on. Although to be honest...sometimes things work out better that way!
    Hope you have a great new years with your family!!
    xo - Marion

  3. Love how you styled all of these polka dots! I have been on a major polka dot kick lately :)
    Thanks for the tip on the Ipsy box, I actually cancelled my Birchbox today and might give the Ipsy box a try. I was tried of getting so many products that I don't use from Birchbox

    Lindsay @