Monday, December 3, 2012

Making Cookies

Christmas has coming storming into the Green house for the main reason my husband will be out of town for twelve days coming up and I want to do as much as a family as possible. We have yet too see Santa at the mall, which our Santa may be the most realistic one I've ever seen. Here is their picture last year.
Also there was a huge football game this past weekend, did you watch? Well we did because it was my team against my hubs team, Alabama vs Georgia. Alabama won!!! Great game though, Georgia got all the way to the five yard line before the clock ran out and if they have gotten five more yards they would have won. I had to support my team before and wear my hounds tooth proud afterwards, but deciding which piece was tough.
I decided on a scarf so it wasn't in your face because Georgia did play a great game. Here's the rest of the pictures enjoy!

Tunic H&M very recent/ Leggings NY&C (three years ago)/ Scarf Express here / Shoes Rocketdog ( yes I have these in three colors)

How do you not make it all the way onto the bed before passing out?

He just ate the icing and tore the cookies apart...

My elf cookie...icing was way too runny.

 If you follow me on instagram you probably have already seen these pictures but here you are anyway!

Yep, I drive a minivan and we turned it into a reindeer.

Zach at his first day of his new job!!!
I see how terrible our cookies turned out this year BUT last year when my nieces and I made them they turned out like this...


  1. ooo they turned out fabulous! Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  2. as long as they still taste yummy, who cares what they look like!