Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dinner with the Birthday Boy

Jeans AE/ Under shirt Express (old)/ Button up Old Navy (old) love this one from Jcrew / Boots Gap Outlet recent/ Bag Target sold out in pink but blue and green look just as fun!

Because helmets are a must with this one.
Let me start off by saying Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Zach! He is having to work late tonight so we went out last night. That means today I have no intention of getting out of my pjs and the only date I have is cleaning the bathroom :( yuck! I did get to put my new heels on last night and let everyone stare as I walked by...okay it was because I was carrying a Honeymoon Bakery box with Zach's birthday treats but they still looked! 19 more days until Christmas!!!

 Jeans same as above/ Shirt Jcrew Factory so upset I just bought two weeks ago for almost $20 more!/ Cardigan Gap (last year) here is this years


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