Friday, November 9, 2012


Short post today, because I have fallen behind on housework yet again. I have been so behind on my reading as well. I started a series back in April, the Ally Condie Matched series. Had I known the third book had not been released I would of never started it because until I finish the series I can't start anything else. Well, the third book finally comes out on Tuesday!!! So excited! If you have read and liked the Hunger Games, you should check her out. Here is a short teaser and pictures of books.
Cassia Reyes lives in a future where Society controls everything. Your 
meals are prepared exactly for your nutritional needs, you die 
 exactly on your 80th birthday, you marry the person who would best suit
 you and would be your most likely “Match” to carry on the line…
Cassia is matched to her best friend. But, that is only
the beginning. She sees another face on the screen, and
 it sets her on a whole new path, one even Society couldn’t have predicted.
 Are you getting your keys to go to B&N yet?

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