Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gigi and Minnie

I hope everyone made it okay during Black Friday. I know I almost got trampled trying to get my hubby his $8 griddle and hand mixer, but I made it out alive with the displays. :) Got to think outside the box. This weekend I worked 22 hours in two days, that's an awful lot for someone who puts in 10 hours a week normally. So I was rather dead on my feet and skipped taking pictures of outfits because I might scare people with my under eye circles. Here is what I wore for my lesser shift at work...the title is the name of my Stella and Dot earrings and my new pants from Jcrew.

Shirt unknown (had forever)/ Pants Jcrew Minnie (link above)/ Scarf Express/ Shoes Kmart (old)/ Bag Target Sold out online but love this alternative/ Bracelet Stella and Dot / watch Fossil
I also wanted to share two products I recently discovered and LOVE! The first was recommended by a fellow blogger Marion the Maybelline Age Rewind eye brightener and the second I fell in love with at the store while picking the eye brightener up. It's the Essie nail polish in Penny Talk.
I'm pretty excited about cyber Monday coming! I'm excited to hit up Baublebar and see what else Jcrew has for sale, even though my order last week is coming in one at a time. Are you excited about any online sales? At least we can all stay safe at the house and not fight over parking spots! Hope you have a great week!
While posting this one Zach called me into the kitchen to show me his meatballs...hehe. This was the $8 griddle third use so far!


  1. I've been wanting to check out the maybelline concealer. How thick is it? I have some pretty bad dark circles :-/

  2. I don't think it's thick but I always put a good bit on and then go and get a refill of coffee so it thickens up and then rub it in. I actually have the translucent one I haven't tried the actual colored one, but I think it takes care of mine!