Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Came Early!

 I'm like a small child with a lot of things, wanting to give Christmas presents as soon as I purchase them is one of these examples. I love seeing the look on everyone's face! I was strictly forbidden to give the kids anything early this year, so I had to search for a loophole...insert Elf on a Shelf. :)When we first introduced JJ (Jingle Jangle) he brought Jamey a tool box to help him "fix" what JJ had broke. So why not let JJ bring a present every year when he comes. Here's a few pictures from JJ's visit and a few errands

 Jeans American Eagle / Shirt Also AE but sold out of this color here
is updates color/ Sweater Target I wore my rocketdogs in memory just not in picture
This was a lazy day for me because I just wanted to have a Parenthood marathon on my couch. I wish I had a nice lazy pair of Alabama sweat pants...hint hint.
 Jamey got a haircut because we are tired of wrestling with him to brush it.
 Sweet Jack, notice the difference in Jamey and Jack's style. That's who they are, Jamey is sports and comfy and Jack is an old soul....terrible trouble, but old soul.
 It was addressed to out house from Santa!!!
 Jamey got his beloved Stompees!!!
 This was the face I was looking forward to. I couldn't help myself when my hubby asks for something, which never happens, I want to be the one to get it for him. He wanted a new pair of work boots and I love him so much...sorry to be mushy.

Jack got another color in his Converse! He ran to these in the shoe store on more than one occasion. Are you a person who waits until Christmas or do you sneak some presents?

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