Friday, September 7, 2012

Walking the River

Our little family make a lot of little trips to Chattanooga throughout the year. I love it because there is so much to do and eat! I love taking the boys to the Children's Museum and walking around. We've visited the aquarium once but it was just too much of the same thing for Jamey and Jack wasn't in the picture yet. However, the kids do love all the fun water activities around the aquarium like the stairs and all the little fountains! This time we stayed at the Read House, which is just beautiful! The entrance is like the ballroom from Titanic ( I have weird comparisons I know) and the exterior is really something. The rooms however aren't that great. We stayed in the shoebox room, big enough for a bed and the tiny desk and two people to stand and maybe two rotten boys :). Before all this we went to Hamilton Place and on the way we ate I mean bought a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme! At the mall there were a lot of people so all we ended up getting was the boys clothes for their build a bears and then off for real supper! We ate at a little Thai place downtown...Thai Smile maybe? Yummy! The boys got to run around in those fountains at the aquarium and got soaked so we had no choice but to head to the hotel. Swimming and bed was next!

The next day we checked out and decided to ride around and explore! We walked by the river and just enjoyed being together :) Sounds all mushy but we're a soft, loving family!

Everything in the hotel was tiny...even condiments!

Closer inspection, I would not want their job!

Jack's hair was hilarious!

If you are planning on staying in Chattanooga I highly suggest the Holiday Inn Express they have awesome pancakes and breakfast is FREE! Also the Rembrants Coffee shop is amazing so many yummy goodies. If you have kids or if you are a giant kid the Children's Museum is my favorite!
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  1. Last weekend we stayed at the Read House and we LOVED IT! I agree with your titanic comparison. Matt sprung for a suite room so we had no complaints :) We checked out rembrants too but ended up going to the urban spoon for a HUGE sunday brunch & it was delicious!

  2. Yeah we stayed because it was cheaper and last time we did get the suite but we didn't think it would be that much bigger. I hated it because you had to pay to park and for breakfast.