Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'd do anything!

For the past few days I've had such a mommy mindset, all I've done is play with my boys! Jamey had "the best day ever" today! Playing in the park, shopping, eating tacos and cupcakes! Wednesday we went to the gymnastics center and then Barnes and Noble to play trains. He didn't know what hit him with all the fun things...he would ask and would get a yes every time. He also requested that Zach put his train table back in his room (it's been in the shed...he stopped playing with it so we rotated.) Zach said he thought it might of gotten warped a little...that never stopped me from playing with anything? Mommy got it out and carried it in the house, (keep in mind I'm pretty sure it weights more than I do) set it up and cleaned the rest of the room. We've just had a blast the past few days and hope every kid gets to experience all that our little silly family get to! Here are some pictures because everyone knows I am the queen of pictures and take more than anyone else.

Jack gets no more milk in the car

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