Friday, September 21, 2012

Target Boxes Make Me Smile :)

This week I came home to find a giant Target box on the porch! So excited! Here's what was in it...
Yay my new loafers and Jack's Star Wars shoes...I'm a little bit of a nerd. So I put away my heels for the rest of the week to break these guys in. I'm loving these shoes and surprisingly are putting the pink ones with more outfits. Jack hasn't taken his new shoes off..not even to sleep in!
Gap Tank and long sleeve shirt...always sell these just in different colors, the tank is from Spring the long sleeve should still be in stores

This shirt if one of my favorites but after losing baby weight it is too big and makes me sad :( I ended up ditching this belt after I located my pink belt. Shirt and pink belt H&M/ jeans Gap 1969 skinny/ THIS belt also Gap last winter

 Zach went a little crazy with the zoom, but this was before our family putt-putt and batting cage date! Had so much fun and I'm so excited about this weather!

Have a fun and safe weekend!


  1. Those loafers are super comfy! I have the brown version. I saw they're on sale for $9 in store so I may get the mint version soon. FYI, I got the bracelet yesterday and I LOOOOOOVE it!!!

  2. They didn't have the mint in my size in store or online...they were the ones I really wanted. So glad!