Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 3.

This is day 3 of my shopping ban. I wanted to be clear Zach has not put me on was all a challenge to see how much control I had. I failed miserably. Yesterday I went to the consignment store here in town to pick up some money from some clothes and there in the window was a Spiderman costume in perfect condition....Jamey wants to be Spiderman for Halloween. Couldn't pass it up! Then I decided to check out the women's section and I bought a beautiful cardigan for $6! I'm wearing it today with my Viv heels! I'm making outfits around wear these shoes, I love them so much! PS I need to clean my mirror before anymore pictures...oops!
Pre- makeup and hair :)

 Cardigan Target...I'm guessing it's last years but they have tons of options here and here/ jeans Forever21 here $10.50!/ Shoes Jcrew Viv heels/ Tank cream from TJ Maxx/ Earrings Stella & Dot Grace Pearls
I'm terrible at picking up lipsticks so when I took a chance on this one I was so surprised! It was on sale at CVS last week for a little under $5 and you got extra bucks! It's not thick and kinda of transparent. I'm in love and may try more of the revlon colorburst colors!


  1. I love the lip butters! I wear Pink truffle and Candy Apple every day, alternating days. Those Viv Pumps are so so cute!

  2. Thanks so much for my comment! I'm so glad I impacted even one person!

    I love that you're doing a shopping ban! I did one last summer for the whole summer... it was hard but very rewarding.. Now I can go into stores without feeling like I need to buy something!

    Thanks for being a follower!

    <3 Steph