Monday, July 30, 2012

Packing....why so difficult?

We are leaving for vacation this week and I've put off packing and put it off but why? When I was little and spent summers and every other holiday with my daddy I use to love packing and unpacking. Now it's a job packing for me and the two kids while Zach waits until the last fifteen minutes, throws some underwear, swim suit, a few shirts and a pair of shorts and calls it quits. I've gotten so good at packing my things up but these kids there are no normal for them, some days they only wear one outfit and keep it immaculate and others it looks like my kids entered an eating contest that turned into a food fight ( like Mary Kate and Ashley food fight from It Takes Two.) I know you can "buy anything you forget" but why would you want that? I want to be able to spend all my money on things other than wipes and diapers, like chocolate and cute things I'll probably never really use. I always overpack except the one time when Zach convinced me to just throw a few things in a bag and go...that was a mess. The second day I sat and stared at two very messy outfits deciding which was less messy for Jack to wear home. Never again. From then on a one night trip gets at least four outfits plus pjs and swimsuit. Well I guess I've done enough procrastination....time to pack!

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