Tuesday, August 13, 2013


 As a mom of two sometimes my outfits aren't as creative as I would like them to be, in this case buttondowns are my best friends. I love throwing on a fun shirt or necklace...sometimes BOTH! (My favorite picture yesterday was the second one...see my two wonderful boys racing in the background!)

  Jeans AE (If you haven't tried their jeans in a while you should stop by...completely redid the fits!)/ Buttondown (Up?) Anthropologie (I purchased from the EA page) Necklace Groopdealz (Keep an eye out in case they show up again bought for $12.99!) Shoes AE (old)

A close up of the amazing print...this shirt came in three colors and purple was definitely for me! I wanted to make sure I was on top of my blogging this week and laid out all my clothes ahead of time...here's a preview! Check out later if you see something you like!


  1. I will have to go in to AE again and try their denim. It's been a long time since I wore their jeans! You look great Jessica :)

  2. I have some spendy denim that I like, but I always go back to AE because it's inexpensive and fits me the best!

    Love the purple on you!!


  3. AE jeans have never fit me right so ill have to go back & try the new fit. Thanks for the tip!