Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Day!

 This weekend was my coworker's wedding and it was busy and amazingly fun! Even though I am ready for things to calm down and get back to normal (my blogging consistency included) it'll be a little while, I get to have my wisdom teeth taken out in the morning. :( I will be stuck in the house resting but I do have a few post ready...I hope you enjoy and I will be catching up on all of my favorite blogs and searching for a few more to keep me occupied.

Now I may have missed the stripes linkup last week...but it looks like stripes are not going anywhere and you know I love my pops of color!
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Bye, Bye Teeth!
Yay! My Ipsy bag came in...that'll be in a blog later on in the week....if you want to sign up please use my code here.


  1. Ugh, getting my wisdom teeth out was NOT my finest moment... I will cross my fingers for you that you have better luck!


    1. I keep waiting for it to get bad...I'm swollen on one side but the pain is nothing...I also have strong meds :)

  2. You look gorgeous Jessica! I hope you are feeling better. I saw your teeth on IG and man, wisdom teeth are huge! I still have mine in and apparently don't need them taken out. Get some rest!

  3. Thanks so much! I was asleep the whole time but they are HUGE! They were all under my gums.