Friday, March 29, 2013

Top 3 - March

I'm linking up again with Amy from Fashion and Beauty Finds. My favorite three looks from March and I would have to start with my first OOTD of the month! I have been in search of a blazer I would actually wear and feel comfortable's the one!

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My second post is one of my favorites because I love color and that is what this outfit has to offer...COLOR!
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Finally, I love my new polka dot pencil skirt and trying new things....even if it didn't work THIS TIME!
 There were lots of other great post from the beach and my sons birthday! Feel free to check out some of my others and I would love new followers!


  1. Lovely proposals! so stylish !
    I'm following you now.


  2. Lovely photos girlie!! Happy Friday!!

  3. I'm LOVING that second outfit! The bright color is so fun and those shoes are awesome. Thanks so much for linking up! I would love if you would vote for me in the Wallis Ambassador contest... It would mean so much to me! Have a great weekend!


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