Friday, March 8, 2013

Not Everyday

There are days when I just want to wear sweats and call it a day. I do sometimes, but having a blog can put a lot of pressure on someone. I now have a closet I am very proud of but I just want to not think sometimes. This outfit is kinda like my tshirt or me not thinking, I love wearing my cardigans they are my safety blanket and throwing on a nice jacket can dress up an outfit.

 Also bought some new, cheap sunglasses for our trip! Loving them even though Zach thinks they are big.

 Jeans AE/ Shelf Cami, Sweater, and Boots Gap Outlet/ Earrings H&M/ Necklace Stella and Dot/ Watch wristology c/o Lilly
I know Marion does a little Friday what's funny in her life and I thought I might steal that idea, but I am giving her credit!

Friday Funny
As we were driving down the road Jamey sees the tax people dancing on the's our convo:
Jamey: Hey Mom where do we live?
Me: Georgia? 
Jamey: No! We live in New York because there is the Statue of Liberty dancing!

We had a doctors appointment this week for Jamey to do an eye test and Jack's normal visit...As we went into the hall for Jamey to do his test Jack left a small trail of goldfish in the hall as Jamey took this:   

He had to read the second line from the bottom, first off I can't even read that sitting in front of it much less however many feet from the chart they do it. Here's what he, x, o, heart, a piece of wood, of a giant pirate ship on the top! That is a flag, no idea where he got wood from, but we went with it!
When you actually sit down to write the funny things you can't remember, I'll do better next week. We also leave for our trip TODAY! I'll try and post as much as I normally do, but might not have a chance. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh and Jack does funny things all the time, but words are seldom involved..he has been growling a lot lately.
Also Rach from Pink Peonies is doing a giveaway this week check it out here!


  1. Your boys are too cute :-) I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Too funny! Great casual outfit too, love the pop of pink.