Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Animal Print and Polka Dots

On vacation when the temperature isn't right to actual swim, but it's perfect to play on the sand, all I have to worry about is quick escape from my shoes and sunscreen for the boys. So, not much to complain about from this girl! It has been wonderful weather this whole trip, light jackets have been a must. I'm so excited with my new Loft jacket, it was the perfect light weight addition I needed! Also messy braids is an everyday thing! I like to think of myself as Katniss somedays!
 After this day my unsunscreened face needed a little hat to reassure the sun not to go near it, so a little hat was added!

Loving this Gap elephant shirt!
I also made a trip to Target today and let me tell you, the Target near my house needs to meet up with this one because it had EVERYTHING! I ended up buying a few skirts here. I bought the "navy" polka dot one, but wished they had my size in the blue print...I would of bought both! Who am I kidding! Also threw some lace in my closet by adding this! Thank you Target I'm in love!
I also wanted to share my big boy's birthday cake, no one would make a Wreck It Ralph cake so I rolled up my sleeves and got a little creative. I am by no means an artist or a baker...just a mommy who wanted her boy to have what he wanted on his birthday!


  1. Cute printed top!


  2. I love both of those printed blouses! You asked if my Firmoo glasses were prescription - they are not. Just fashion glasses! But Firmoo does sell prescription glasses and you can get them free if you are a first time buyer! Definitely something to check out if you need new glasses.
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. You DO look a little like Jennifer Lawrence, now that you mention it. ;)