Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't you bring me down

Today is one of those days when going to bed seems like the best choice. My poor babies had to go to the doctor today and Jack had to get shots and that is the worst possible way to start a day. After getting home I started to actually get started for the day by fixing my hair and getting dressed. While in the bathroom it started raining pouring! Scratch that adorable skirt and heels I was planning for todays blog. I decided pj's and start packing for the 14 day vaca! I don't travel a lot so packing for me is terrible, I ALWAYS forget the most important things. If anyone has any tips or don't forget____? Please leave in the comments because I'm so overwhelmed I will forget something. Yesterday I decided the best move was to do a little shopping, nothing like a trip where you have new clothes to zip in your bag!
My favorite pieces...plus little toes!
Now I have somewhat picked out what I want to take and am trying to make a few outfits....I think I might just throw them in my bag and what I have I will make do.
I think in the back of my head next weekend is St Patty's Day and I'm being drawn to green. Please let me know if you have any packing secrets especially for kids! Yikes!


  1. 14 day vaca?! I'm so jealous! As for packing advice, making a list and scratching things out as I go helps me.

    1. Vacation means my husband has to go to his home office for two weeks while I take the boys to my dad's house in Wilmington. I always do the list but little things always pass by.