Friday, February 22, 2013

Few Extras and Winner

I always end up with at least one or two outfits that don't make my blog a week. Most of the time it's not that I don't like the outfit, it's I hate the pictures! My hubby is not a talented photographer, he just runs out and takes a few a DONE! Not that he isn't awesome for doing it, just that I don't like the pictures so they don't go up. Jamey takes the others and sometimes they're good but most of the time I end up shooting a few in the mirror just in case.
Shirt Jcrew Factory/ Pants Express/ Jacket TJMaxx/ Shoes Rocketdog Memories/ Bag Target/ Necklace Ann Taylor

 Sweater Jcrew/ Top TJMaxx (bought Tuesday)/ Jeans and Shoes AE/ Belt Betsy Johson/ Necklace and Earrings World Market

 Since so few entered I decided to do this old school and draw from a bag. The winner is...

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