Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Family Valentines

As parents, Zach and I want to include the kids in everything, as a married couple we would love to spend Valentines not dealing with who has to take Jamey to the bathroom or who changes Jack. This comes about every holiday and we always come to the same conclusion...have two separate date nights! Tonight was family night and tomorrow is date night, we have Zach's parents for a few hours! For family night we went to the boys favorite restaurant and then ice cream!

I love them! Now fashion....I am always unsure what to buy this time of the year. This is the few months when I shop the least amount because it's cold but it'll soon change. I normally stick with jewelry this time of the year to refresh my wardrobe or sleeveless tops that can have sweaters worn over top. I love this H&M tunic! Oh and Jamey took the pictures...great pictures for a three year old!

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  1. Love this post! And your kids are adorable... Thanks for all your encouragement on my blog!