Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beauty Box Love

 What? I thought you cancelled your Birchbox? The thing about that is...when I hit the publish button on my blog in my head I had cancelled, but I didn't and I am so glad! I loved my box this month! I actually found a product I have every intention of ordering! So here it is:
 The first thing I saw were the Show Stopper designer fashion tape...I haven't used them yet but it is a full size and inside there are 12 black strips and 12 nude strips, very excited. Then my tummy saw the Ghirardelli square and it was an extra for Vday..yummy! Secret Agent Beauty lipgloss is also a full size,but that is TINY and not really anything special....My Moisturizer is a great primer, but I've had so many primer samples lately that I won't need one for a while! Juicy Couture...another perfume?!? Really? We get it BB loves Juicy Couture but I don't! Last but my favorite is the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner, heat protector, shine booster, hair healing miracle! It is the reason my hair has been looking so great these past couple days...really worth a try! My whole BB came to about $39.90, not bad for $10!

Next was my Ipsy/glambag. I actually got this about a week and a half ago so I've been using these and really love the eyeshadows and eyeliner! These products don't really have weight written on them but I will say that the Mica eyeliner is a full size for $35! Lash card are for putting on mascara without getting it all over your already shadowed eye, I would never use these. Also comes with Pixi primer...nice but not the best, pop mascara doesn't have the length I love, and the coastal scents eyeshadows..beautiful and not expensive...might order! Brings the total to roughly $40!

I feel like both of these subscriptions were really great this month and I will keep BB for now. Remember if you want to give BB a try please sign up under here and Ipsy here!

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  1. I've heard so much about BB but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Seems like a good deal for $10 though! Thanks for the post.