Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Animal Instinct

 I was so lucky to find this skirt at my favorite local consignment store and ran home to figure out where it was from...it looks so much like this Jcrew skirt...turns out Anthropologie! Yay! Great deal for under $18! Now I had to figure out what to wear it with? It sat in my closet for about a week until Lilly posted her blog here and I was instantly inspired. That's why I love the blogging community, so much support and creativity.
Bag is Jcrew Brompton clutch/ Bow heels Anthropologie (old)/ Necklace H&M (recent)/ Belt American Eagle (recent)/ Skirt Anthropologie (consignment)/ Shirt Target (fall)
I felt very much like I was going on a safari most of the night....so much so I got a little excited and may have accidentally taken a chunk out of my work wall moving signs with my big girl heels...oops!
Little chunk...to be fair some had already started to come off :)

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