Friday, January 25, 2013

Organization Redo

Organization has never been a strong point for me. I know where almost everything is but it's always buried under hundreds of other items, so while the hubby has redone the kitchen I decided while he's gone I would try and clean out everything else. Spring cleaning :) This was also brought on by the fact my friend I went to visit this past weekend has always been uber organized and I picked up a few things I wanted to share.

One of the most useful things I picked up from Keasha is using baskets and trays. I ran out and bought this beautiful tray from TJMaxx for $8 and I wish I would have taken a picture of the prebasket. Too many papers thrown on the counter, they are now in the trash. I also emptied our oatmeal canister to organize all those pens and pencils that were in the drawer beneath...I will eventually cover the outside with either cloth or paper. I also carried these baskets over to the bedroom. My husband and I agree that tvs don't belong in the bedroom and we read a lot so our tables were covered in books, magazines, and my notebook I like to keep beside the bed. I still like the book within reach but the to-do pile can be stored underneath (ps the book on there now I finished and it's a good book until you get to the ending, then it could be the worst ending ever in books.)
Another thing I've learned is don't be afraid to put things on the counter. I think growing up I thought the counters had to be bare to be clean. I like having me sugar beside the coffee and it's okay to have more than one type of "smell good" items next to one another. The wine bottle is actually one that my talented stepmom painted the label! She wanted to preserve the bottle so now forever a nightlight for the kitchen!
Staging the table helps you not pile clean, folded clothes on top, but doesn't stop James circle the bananas. We are in market for a new table if anyone has suggestions...maybe a square one.

Jewelry is another thing I have too much to display so I bought this beautiful zip binder from Stella and Dot. Now if only Jack hadn't learned how to unzip it. Do you have any tips that help you stay organized? The rest of this weekend I will be attempting to tackle the boys toys. I do have two sunshines at the end of the tunnel...tonight my big brother is coming to town to go and see Hansel and Gretel with me!!! and tomorrow Jamey has his very first basketball game!


  1. Baskets are great for organizing! I even took a few boxes (from the post office) and covered them in fabric to use for storage too.

  2. Organizing has been on my list of to dos recently. I love having a clean house but papers and other trash always ends up everywhere :-( I'm definitely going to check out TJ Maxx this weekend and see if I can be inspired.

  3. I'm definitely one of those people who feels like the counter has to be spotless. Other people have things on their counters and it doesn't look cluttered but somehow it just does on mine. I think I need some home decor advice!

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