Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Boats For My Feet

This weekend has just been crazy and to start the new week we will be welcoming that baby into this world!!! Yay! My friend is finally having her little boy this morning! I don't care who is having a baby, I cry every time because they are just so sweet. More about my giveaway, I'm not going to wait until 100'll be this week as soon as my little brother steps on his end. I decided to celebrate my little brother's (Taylor) birthday by him announcing the winner, but first he needs to pick a number so we can get some entries.   So pay attention hopefully I can get it posted later today. This weekend was cold. I loved it! We had a small fire out back and I got to wear my boots and sweaters! Sunday I had to go into work, so I decided it was the day to break in my new shoes! They are from Anthropologie and they are amazingly comfortable! I used the term little boats for my feet at some point yesterday.
Sweater and Jewelry from Ann Taylor/ Renegade Bracelet Stella and Dot/ Leggings NY&C/Shoes Anthropologie
Jack attacked his yogurt
Best Picture I got of my big boy helper after putting lasagna in oven
My new phone case!

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