Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Ready!

 Sometimes being a stay at home mommy can be so overwhelming and taking a step back does a world of good. It happens to me all the time. Two boys that have so much energy and life, let's just say my fuse is a little short sometimes. Jamey, my three year old has wanted Hot Wheels wall tracks all week and he thinks Santa will bring it to him if he's good....tomorrow. He also told me today an inside puppy will also do. Nope not happening (I'm a huge animal person and if a cute puppy was in our front yard I would be whistling another tune but a calm Jessica says no puppy if no fence.) Anyway, Jamey has asked for this "Hot wheels" all day...going to eat, okay and then Hot wheels? Taking a bath, and then Hot wheels? This all leads to a very long day for Mommy. Here are some pictures from last night supper, carving pumpkins and decorating our front yard...oh and playing pranks on daddy and Jack was innocent bystander :)

Yummy garlic, onion, zucchini, broccoli, cheese, and quinoa bake!

Shh  that's no silly string!

We had a super fun night! Is everyone else ready for Halloween?

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