Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Only Fair

Since I posted a blog about boys fashions I thought it would only be fair to do little girls fashion :) I just didn't want to go to the store and take random pictures of deals on clothes that I wasn't going to buy.....AND THEN we got the cutest little rainbow invitation in the mail Saturday! I decided to take full advantage of the Labor Day sales! As a family we took off to the mall and the only kids store in our little dead mall is Children's Place. I off came prepared and printed off the online coupon before leaving (here is coupon.) Well as most of you know I have always dreamed of having a little girl and want one SO bad! I took off to the girl section and scooped everything I saw that I would want my little princess to wear (if only)....I ended up having to take a step back and just pick a few even though I wish they would of had this sweater in her size because in store they have the cutest little ballet flats to go with it :( Well here is what we went with! (Sorry to ruin the surprise Evie) 

 I saw this adorable lace skirt and fell in love and then the pink hat couldn't be left at the store. All from Children's Place and best part with my coupon everything was under $20! Jack picked out the cute little "flower" bracelet and the tights were 2/$1! Side note today was the last day for white pants! Had to break out the Alice Olivia shorts!

Then it started raining really hard and was forced to change to go to Sams.


  1. That's an adorable little girl outfit! Yours is cute as well :-) I ventured into little kids clothing this weekend for a friend's daughter and couldn't believe the cuteness out there for little ones!

  2. I know it! I love all your sweater combos and I can't wait to get into sweaters but with it being 93 degrees here in GA I can't just yet...and if I had a girl, I would be broke!