Friday, September 28, 2012

Few of my Favorite Things

If you read that title without the song from The Sound of Music running through your head you obviously have never seen it. I wanted to do a buy this over that blog but testing products can take months and my skin is SO sensitive, I don't think it could take testing. So here are some of my favorite products starting with one introduced by my beautiful sister, Hope. She use to work at The Body Shop and come home with so much stuff we were swimming in it for a while and then when it was gone....I was sad. Here was one of my favorites.

Banana shampoo and conditioner! I'm also a big fan of their tea tree and vitamin c skin care lines.
I love sunless tanning spray. I don't do tanning beds anymore...not since high school. I used this when I was pregnant with my first son for an event and it didn't turn orange. I just bought another bottle for our family pictures, I don't want to be white.
This little bar sell for under $3 and it is amazing! Doesn't leave any oil on your face and if you tend to be oily you need this bar. I love neutrogena products pretty much across the board but these two are my favorite. I have used their makeup in the past (it's what I used all throughout high school) and have had no complaint.

I love Sally Hansen xtreme wear. You can pick it up at the grocery store for under $3 and it does last! My favorite color has been this Mint Sorbet. I also really want to try the Flirt color.
Everyone at some point has used an apricot scrub...we all have! Zach, my wonderful hubby brought this home one day for himself and we both ended up loving it! It has gotten great reviews from all ages. This is worth a try!  Here is the link to look it up more and it sells for under $5.
I love body scrubs and Neutrogene and Body Shop both have amazing ones, but Victoria Secret needs a spotlight on one too! Here is a link to the best body scrubs...I disagree with some but others I haven't heard of. You never know with products!
I haven't gotten into anti aging products just yet, but I hear the Olay Regenerist products get rid of lines within a very short period and really moisturize.
In the summertime I swear by everyday minerals but in the winter my skin gets dry so I use Clinique even better makeup. Pretty good stuff..not too heavy and SPF! Last but not least!
I know I just raved on these lip butters by Revlon, but they deserve another one! I bought my first one Berry Smoothie 050 and then ran back and bought Sugar Plum 085 and Pink Truffle 001. Love them! I stayed away from reds because I love my Nivea kiss of cherry that just stains red a little, but if I were to dare and buy a red it would be these lip butters. Is there a product you just LOVE? I'd love to hear about it!

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